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             Massage Of the Chairman   

            I Extremely glade to inaugurate to the official Web site OF VOSBBO WORLD Organization, i Think it is the Demand of the Time because the time is   Changed, this website does not play the role to introduce about Organization  only, But I think  website also gives a plate form to our youth to play the Role without any caste and crud, I think this time is for the youth, they must have to Play the role to perform their activities for the Conveyed the relief To help less human being, without any political or religion think Because our Believe is all the Creation of Allah, it organization give you a plate form to you can utilize your Energy in Betterment of the poor peoples around the world  in Education, Health, Peace, Justice, Agriculture, Energy   and brave leaders and in the last i again requesting to all the our youth lets come to make me more power full with your great help and devotion  , and join to my little struggle to we do work for the poor peoples of Pakistan, in the last iam very thanks full to the team those working on this website to  communicate us with the world ,                                                                                                                                                                             
 your truly 
Sahil Khan Abbasi 




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